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This page is dedicated to a very special Canadian Family...

Around October 2005, I placed a thread on the Team Buick web site with regards to a wiper motor question.

A Canadian Gentleman posted an answer to my question, and since that initial contact, a very special relationship has begun to build.

Wayne's Roadmaster is shown below.....a fine example of 1957....



Check out Andrew's Pontiac.......Nice......


Wayne was kind enough to do a lot of running around to locate "Daisy's" right hand side bumper overrider....




Brian T. has a few oldies out in his paddock in Manitoba, Wayne tracked him down, and luckily the only overrider remaining on

on  the 3 '57 Buicks was the one I needed..... and Brian thought it might be nice

that a piece of one of his cars was driving around somewhere in Australia, and "gave" the overrider to Wayne to post to me....

Thanks heaps Brian......And Wayne, thanks for the running around.....

Brian's donor car is shown below......


                                                                       Wayne with the doner Buick....                             Brian, the doner Buick, and Wayne......

Wayne enjoying one of his favorite hobbies....





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